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River Whyless release Kindness, A Rebel + video for 'Born in the Right Country' Posted on June 8th, 2018

River Whyless have released their beautiful and moving genre-blended masterpiece Kindness, A Rebel.

As featured on NPR's New Music Friday today, Ann Powers says "they connect with tradition, but are really willing to take sonic chances. River Whyless does this so much on this record, there are synths, there are songs that remind me of power-pop or even 80’s new-wave music, alongside beautiful ballads and fiddle, etc. It’s that wide sonic palette that I really love.”

You can buy or stream Kindness, A Rebel here:

The band has also dropped a video for "Born in the Right Country" over at American Songwriter (watch).

‘“Born In The Right Country” is a sharp indictment of systemic racism and oppression… In a powerful new video, the band and director Jordan Halland give the track a striking visual, tracing a day in the lives of a young black man and his mother as they try to navigate a society in which the deck is stacked against them.” - American Songwriter